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As the owner and executive event planner of Chelsea Event Group, my main priority is to provide you with an event that exceeds your expectations. I treat all my events with a morale similar to the Golden Rule, working on them as if they were my very own. I vow to only provide you with what I would rate as 

satisfactory, and my standards are not mediocre. Low budget or high, your event can be equally tasteful in design.  Your event will be like you, unique in your own special way. I am dedicated to making sure your experience goes smooth and love nothing more than seeing the blissful reactions of my clients.  

I am a Georgia native, growing up in a small town known as Hamilton. I am the 2nd of three girls and married my husband in 2018. I graduated from Auburn University with both a bachelor’s and master’s in education, but event planning has been a consistent part throughout my life, and I felt that it was time to fully transition my focus to my passion. 

I first began planning and decorating for family and close friends, coordinating birthday parties for all ages, bridal showers, and baby showers.  Fortunately, I have always been intrigued by the elements of design and had a love for making people truly feel special. I found researching upcoming trends for seasons and events enjoyable, as well as creating my own new styles and ideas for every occasion. All aspects of coordinating events were important to me. The money did not drive me, but rather the respect for my client and their money pushed me to make sure I always used every ounce of my strength and knowledge when working. I aim for perfection in a way that has allowed me to perfect my preparation and skills. From an emotional standpoint, I feel that everyone deserves a time to feel happiness and joy. Memories last a lifetime, and I can guarantee that those created with Chelsea Event Group will be cherished.  

Chelsea Walker-Griner 

Owner, Executive Event Planner